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Legal disclaimer (Terms and conditions of use of the website www.icmedical.itl)

The following document states the Terms and Conditions by which users may use this website.
All users should print, read accurately and keep a copy of this agreement. I.C. Medical S.r.l. reserves the right to update and/or modify the information contained in this website at any time and without notice.
By viewing the pages of this website, users acknowledge that they have read and accepted these terms.
Any violation of the terms of use may result in the suspension and termination of user’s ability to use this website. I.C. Medical S.r.l. may, at its sole discretion, suspend or close, in whole or in part, this website, without notice and liability.
All information, data, articles, editorial contents, software, photographs, graphics, audio and video files, images, as well as their presentation and processing, and all codes and format scripts used to implement this site, and, generally, all the material displayed and published on the website www.icmedical.it (hereinafter “Contents”), are owed by I.C. Medical S.r.l.
All material on this website is protected by industrial and/or intellectual property laws. The user agrees not to copy, modify, create derivative works from or otherwise use any portion of the Contents.
Private use of the Contents is allowed ONLY to authorized users, without derogations.
Users are not granted the right to appropriate, reproduce, modify, distribute, reprint, in whole or in part, the information contained in this site, without express prior written consent of I.C. Medical S.r.l. and/or of possible third parties holding the related utilization and/or reproduction rights.
I.C. Medical S.r.l. is not responsible for information (textual or graphical), documents or materials supplied or introduced by third parties.
Links Third parties may not frame this website nor link to it without I.C. Medical S.r.l.'s express permission. In general, I.C. Medical S.r.l. only permits links that "point" to the home page www.icmedical.itl.
Links to other pages within this site are strictly prohibited, as well as the scraping or mining of data from or framing or mirroring of this website by any method.
Links between the site www.icmedical.it and other sites are created by I.C. Medical S.r.l.
Websites that may be linked to this website are owned and operated independent of I.C. Medical S.r.l., that has no control over the information, products, or services offered by such sites, nor verifies their respect of current regulations.
Therefore, I.C. Medical S.r.l. has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for, or control over, any such external websites, in particular regarding IT security: thus, users are strongly recommended to use antivirus programs, firewalls, and to inquire about third parties’ policies.
Moreover, each linked site has its own privacy policy, that is different and independent from the policy stated in www.icmedical.itl, towards which I.C. Medical S.r.l. has no control. Users are therefore requested to examine carefully the privacy policies adopted by linked sites.
In case of unlawful or unreliable conduct of such sites – that users may communicate at the email address info@icmedical.itl – I.C. Medical S.r.l. may, at its discretion, suspend the link.
Security Users acknowledge that transmission of data through the medium of the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% secure. It is the user’s responsibility to take any necessary precaution to protect his/her personal data, as well as to verify that data provided are correct.
Email addresses on this web site belong to the company I.C. Medical S.r.l. (whose main office is in Rome (RM) Italy and is subject to the privacy policy of this site, and to third parties’ regulations, when necessary.
In this case, users are strongly requested to inquire about the procedures adopted by such parties in order to handle personal data, in respect to which I.C. Medical S.r.l. has no control: in these cases, I.C. Medical S.r.l. is not liable for services different from keeping up-to-date with current security standards.
Contents All texts, information and data published on this site, as well as links to other sites, have the sole purpose of providing information and should in no way be considered official. I.C. Medical S.r.l. accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect damages due to errors, omissions or inaccuracies in this site.
In any case, I.C. Medical S.r.l. has the right to correct, modify and enhance the site at any moment.
Other dispositions the above mentioned disclaimers of liabilities do not have the purpose of limiting I.C. Medical S.r.l.’s responsibility or of exclude it in all cases when the Italian law does not exclude or limit it.
By visiting this website, users and I.C. Medical S.r.l. agree that the Italian law will govern these Terms and Conditions of Use agreement and any dispute of any sort that might arise relating to that agreement.
Sources of law:

COPYRIGHT LAW – article 2575 of the Italian Civil Code: "Any creative intellectual work in the scientific field, literature, music, figurative arts, architecture, theatre and cinema, in whatever form or expression"

PLAGIARISM: in case of unauthorized reproduction, “the author that realizes to be a victim of plagiarism may request to the judicial authority to declare his/her paternity of the work in conformity with articles 168 and 156 of Law no. 633/41, as well as to restrain the unlawful behavior or to destroy other people’s work in conformity with articles 158 and 163 of the same Law”, along with its modifications and integrations.

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